Knee Pain

Every year over 3 million Canadians suffer from knee pain and knee injuries of various kinds. The usual course of treatment is pain and anti-inflammatory medications, rest and exercises. The trouble is pain and anti-inflammatory pills are not well tolerated by a lot of people with. It upset their stomachs, cause gastro-intestinal bleeding as well as kidney and liver damages. The ones that do not upset stomach can cause stroke and heart attack.

As for exercises, those who suffer from pain and swollen knees know it is impossible to bear weight on the bad knee never mind about exercising it. More often than not, the exercises cause more pain afterwards.

After several months of medications and physiotherapy without noticeable change, patients are usually turned over to surgery commonly known as Knee Arthroscopy (Scope) to ‘clean out’ the joint.

On 11th September, 2008 the New England Journal of Medicine published an extensive study on this procedure and stated that Knee Arthroscopy surgery is of no benefit to patients suffering from knee pain. Two years after the surgery, the knee pain returned and the patients were no better off. This is the second of such clinical study since 11th July 2002 that reached the same conclusion. The reason given by the doctors that did the second study is that they found few surgeons paid attention to the result of the first study and continued to perform this useless procedure, wasting precious health care dollars and days at work.

So when surgery is not the answer, what is one to do with knee pain? First of all, let us look at the underlying physiology of the painful knee. One of the common denominators in knee pain cases is ‘Inflammation’. This usually happens when the knee ligaments are injured, resulting in swelling, stiffness and painful weight bearing. The ligaments and inside lining of the joint are rich in nerve supply; therefore the pain is unbearable when they are inflamed. The cartilage within the knee joint can also be damaged or worn out; this irritates the inner lining of the joint and causes inflammation.

The trouble with inflammation is that it puts a stop to all healing processes that are supposed to take place; therefore no repair to the injury can be done and the pain, swelling and stiffness continue like an endless loop. Exercises are sure not going to stop the inflammation. At the end of the day, the knee seizes up with arthritis and knee replacement surgery would be required. Unfortunately, the artificial knee only have a life span of about 10 years or less while a second replacement often has an even shorter life span.

In recent years many patients have turned to Laser Therapy to get rid of their knee pain without the need for harsh medications that upset their system or painful, unproductive exercises or surgery. Even chronic and severe arthritic knees get better with the Laser treatments which allow the patients to return to normal pain free living.

Laser Therapy is the latest, most scientific treatment to control pain. It does not burn or cut and has no side effect. It eliminates the need for medication and gets rid of inflammation and pain so the normal healing processes can take place and let the patients return to their normal life style and activities.