Low Back Pain

According to the studies conducted by the W.H.O. and Workers’ Compensation Boards of North America, 75% of the adult population suffers from some form of lower back pain at least once in their life time. As such, back pain is the second most common reason for absenteeism at work.

Each year Canada lost tens of thousands of man-hours at work places and millions of dollars in lost production. To this day, medical science offers little in the form of cure for this painful and debilitating condition. The usual treatment method is pain killers, anti-inflammatory drugs, physiotherapy or back surgery.

The first two have been known to cause stomach upset, ulcers, stroke and heart attack. Most times they are ineffective, acting only as masking agents with short term relief. Back surgery is an option with no return and leaves the patient with early onset of arthritis of the spine. The problems with physical therapy are many and the success rate is not impressive. The underlying reason could very well be due to misunderstanding of the physiological basis of the diagnosis and this leads to ineffective treatments and results.

The most common reason for back pain is nerve impingement. This can be caused by a number of reasons such as joints degeneration, disc problems, and repetitive strain from lifting, bending or twisting, trauma, accident and constant vibration.

The trouble does not stop at pinched nerve. When that happens, the body follows through with a whole spectrum of problems such as muscle spasm, inflammation and shooting pain up and down the back and the leg. At this point, pain killers simply cannot cover and numb such deep and extensive pain while the anti-inflammatory drugs cannot get to the area when muscle spasm compromises normal blood supply. The end result is severe and constant pain that ruin sleep, work and a normal life.

This is when the Low Intensity Laser Therapy shines. Using cutting edge technology and working through specially designed laser frequency, the healing effects of the Laser stimulate the damaged tissues to drive the inflammation out of the muscles and spine and restore normal blood flow, thus allow the repair mediums to enter the cells and re-build healthy tissues, repair damaged cartilage, take away muscle spasm and give much needed pain relief to the suffers.

The Laser Therapy does not burn or cut or give any side effect. It is totally safe and the healing effect is cumulative. That means as you get better, you need less treatments and be ready for strengthening exercises and a pain free living sooner.