Whiplash Injury

This is an injury that confounds doctors, therapists and the patients for many years. Straightly speaking, this should be called ‘Sudden Deceleration Injury’. Someone once described it as, ‘It is not the speed that hurts, it is the sudden stop.’ There is a lot of truth in that statement.

Most cars today have head supports that prevent the head from being flung backward during a collision. This largely eliminated one aspect of the whiplash injury provided the supports are at the right position.

In the case of a moving vehicle that comes to a stop suddenly, the occupant’s head is travelling at the same speed as the car. If the vehicle is moving at 60 km/hr., when the car stops, the head will continue to travel at 60km/hr. and the only means to stop it from flying forward are the muscles and ligaments at the back of the neck.

There is however one small problem, the soft tissues of the neck are not strong enough to withstand that kind of force and speed. As a result, numerous tears and damages occur in the muscles and spinal ligaments throughout the neck, the upper back and the shoulder regions.

Damages to muscles heal reasonably well in 3-6 weeks thanks mostly to the large number of blood vessels present there. As a result, the injured muscles get their proper nutrition and repair medium in good supply. The only unavoidable consequence is the formation of scar tissues that often cause adhesion and shortening of the muscles. Spinal ligaments on the other hand have few direct blood supply and they are situated deep to the spine, therefore, the recovery is slow. In most cases, patients are given pain and anti-inflammatory medications but the scanty blood supply makes it hard for the medications to reach the needed areas, so healing is next to impossible. On top of that, some patients simply cannot tolerate these types of drugs and in any case, anti-inflammatory drugs have been known to cause gastric bleeding, kidney damages, stroke or heart attack.

Over time, the spinal inflammation becomes chronic leaving the patients in constant pain 24/7, unable to carry out normal work and daily activities. The endless pain cycle leaves them tire, sleepless, fatigue, irritable, depressed and misunderstood because on the outside they look very normal and since no one can see their pain and injuries, they are often told that it is all in their mind.

Thanks to the latest Laser technology, the deep and relentless inflammatory pain can now be eliminated without the use of harmful medications and bring relief to the sufferers and normal life to the injured. Laser therapy has no side effects and is one of the safest and most effective treatments for whiplash injury today.